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  • I love photographs. I just do. And I love making people laugh. So that is what I do, I take photographs and I make people laugh. I don't strive to make my clients look like someone they aren't, or photoshop an image into something that isn't real. I don't want my images to look like those in a magazine because the people in magazines don't even look like those people. And that's fake, and who want's to remember fake? I want Real. Authentic. Emotional. Happy. And in the moment.

    My clients aren't clients, they may start that way but they become more, they become my friends, my families, and a part of my life, And I love that. It's what I want. My clientele is a exclusive group, we have a special dynamic and that is what we capture. We would love to have you join us.

    FEATURED on websites, Instagram and blogs such as:
    Journey to artist - guest blogger and featured artist 2016
    unscripted moments- inspiration 2016
    Top 20% Shoot & Share International photography contest
    #celebrate_childhood Instagram June 2017

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